Customer and Vendor Relations

Customer and Vendor Relat…

Integral Business Counsel has negotiated and closed numerous contracts between its clients and their respective customers and vendors, including master service agreements, sales agreements, development agreements, technical service agreements, licensing agreements, consulting agreements, confidentiality agreements, service level agreements, subcontracting agreements, and a variety of other agreements among clients and their customers or vendors.

IBC is particularly experienced in developing form subscriber agreements, terms of service, privacy statements, licensing agreements, sales contracts, service agreements, subcontractor agreements, and other agreements related to the sale of technology applications and services. The agreements are designed for repeated use with minimal involvement of legal counsel and, when combined with our methodology for negotiating them, have significantly reduced sales friction and legal expense. Our clients using this service note that it significantly reduces their respective sales cycles and minimizes the time spent by management on legal review.

In all negotiations with a client’s prospective customers and vendors, IBC strongly, but diplomatically, advocates the client’s position to achieve the best terms possible while not jeopardizing the customer or vendor relationship.

We encourage you to read more about our practice philosophy and what it’s like to work with us. For more information about our services with regard to customer and vender relations, contact IBC.